Finally, on Saturday the FERITE project has been  inaugurated at  the presence of many people and I would like to thank them all for having had the courage to participate.

Thanks to the gallery Robert F. Kennedy who gave me the opportunity to exhibit my work in a beautiful, important place, so full of stories of pain.

Special thanks to Professor Mazzei, President of the Order of Surgeons and Dentists for her delicate and touching intervention and above all for having believed  and supported the project from the very beginning.

I thank the President of LILT, Dr. Peirano, for the support and encouragement shown and Dr. Armentano who has kindly accepted to be present at the inauguration of the exhibition  as a representative of the Municipality of Florence.

The sound designer Andrea Baggio and the actress  Sandra Garuglieri, managed to give voice to my inaudible pain by building a performance of rare intensity.

Thanks to Laura Monaldi for her accurate presentation.

Maria Chiara


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