I was invited to take part to the collective exhibition NoPlace#4. I have presented the work “It’s no more”

“No Place” is a social experiment , a one-day exhibition/meeting. The structure of the event is based on the rhizome metaphor: there is no single curator that follows a single linear direction, but more points of origin that initiate connection in any direction. The rhizome structure allows connections from anywhere with any other point, and each one of these doesn’t necessarely refer to similar points. The rhizome destabilizes the hierharchical tree structure, with its established connections, and links very different and unpredictable points.  At the origin of the rhizome is the idea of Umberto Cavenago, developed with Ermanno Cristini, and consolidated with the partecipation of Ilaria Caldirola and Roberto Pacchioli, and numerous other artists/curators, who have shared and cooperated to the project.


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