Inside Palazzo degli Alessandri, a historic Florentine building, in a multi-purpose space where beauty and culture meet, Mimi Furaha hosts the exhibition “Sculptures-Bowls” of M: C: C: The artist presents an exhibition itinerary focused on the human figure and the nature. From the receiving earth (container sculptures) to the air that moves seeds of a hypothetical tree and papers on which the light stretch of a charcoal draws sequences of female bodies.

“Borgo Albizi, 35 red, by Mimi Furaha: once again, yesterday afternoon, a great cultural event took place in one of the most interesting and evocative” open “spaces of historic Florence, the one that spreads its arms between Piazza della Signoria and Santa Croce. The space wanted and restored by Michelle Brichieri Colombi, once an old warehouse and now an elegant and refined stage for cultural initiatives and courses; the artist, Maria Chiara Cecconì, a sure reality of the Florentine artistic scene.” >>


Some photos of the exhibition.