“The project, “FERITE”, stems from my need and ancestral desire to transform an experience of intimate suffering into a language capable of finding eyes which can recognize themselves in it. Where the sign and the shape have the strength to cure the indelible scar showing that, as in the practice of kintsugi, even from a painful shattering of life the wound can be repaired enriching it with the ability of the story (to tell a story). The wound/scar about which I am telling a story is one of my breast cancer.”


An unprecedented event that combines Art, Society and Health by incorporating an art exhibition of works dedicated to the delicate issue of breast cancer with an important conference linked to prevention and the true and concrete testimony of a drama that is much more than current.
Maria Chiara Cecconi’s project is inspired by personal experiences and it is confronted with the cultural and medical world within the social disarmament that the drama of breast cancer brings to the intimacy of the female universe. The event is a starting point for dialogue and awareness; for a strong operation of Art in the social, as an experience given to the world in all its evocative and communicative power; for a challenge to the Nothing to which the artist does not give up, always keeping alive within herself what inevitably destroys her.

According to the artist, the “wound” is a physical and existential trauma but also an archetype of the indelible sign of a lived experience of pain and “inner death”, which can, however, represent the light and rebirth of a soul that does not dare to give up to nothingness and self-forgetfulness. It is the exorcism of the tragic that makes this great artist the spokesperson of the existential disturbance of the modern human being.

The “wound”, between past and present, serves as a watershed between what was and what will be, in the name of a pain that, lived in its totality, can give life to resilience, or the ability to cope in a positive way with traumatic events, to a positive reorganization of one’s life in the face of difficulties, to rebuild oneself while remaining sensitive to the positive opportunities that life offers, without alienating one’s identity.
The graphic works and the site-specific installation, designed for the occasion by the artist, arouse in the viewer the feeling of being in front of a “life” that has freed itself from the “evil” and that has made of the indelible and immortal sign of the scar a resilient hymn of one’s ego.

From a wound, a new shape and a new story can be born.

“From this proposition, the idea of a sound performance which accompanies the exhibition “Ferite” has developed thinking of a sound continuum consisting of synthetic elaborations of ceramic noises caught in the act of breaking, where the sound source will not be practically recognizable. The original sounds will be processed through filters and digital manipulations to become something else from their own, combining this operation with further live processing on the voice of an actress whose texts will be fragmented in real-time, reworked and returned to the modified amplification system to the point of leaving their significant role to take on new meanings.” Andrea Baggio

In the same way, the sound performance studied by Andrea Baggio and Sandra Garuglieri’s recitative give the audience a multi-sensorial immersion in the drama and resistance of the female body to oblivion and the annihilation of personal identity. Through sensory synaesthesia, the dichotomy triggered by the evil is annulled, giving way to a possible future that is reborn from the ashes of medical cards, an indelible memory and at the same time a breath of life.
Laura Monaldi

opera di Maria Chiara Cecconi
opera introduzione . mostra FERITE
Sabato 5 ottobre 2019 – ore 18.00
Saluti di
Fiammetta Chiarini, consulente Robert F. Kennedy Rights Italia
Interventi di
Laura Monaldi, critico d’arte e saggista
Performance di
Andrea Baggio, sound designer
Sandra Garuglieri, attrice
presso la “Sala Elisabeth Chaplin” della “Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Italia”
Via Ghibellina 12/A – Firenze
catering curato da I RAGAZZI DEL SIPARIO
Sabato 12 ottobre 2019
presso la “Sala Wanda Pasquini”
Piazza Madonna della Neve, 6 – Le Murate – Firenze
Programma Scientifico

17.00-17.20 Saluti Autorità
                    Nicola Armentano, Teresita Mazzei, Gianni Amunni, Alexander Peirano

                     TERESITA MAZZEI, Presidente OMCeO Firenze
                     GIANNI AMUNNI, Direttore Generale ISPRO

17.20-17.40 GIOVANNA MASALA “Stili di vita e tumori”
                         S.C. Epidemiologia dei Fattori di Rischio e degli Stili di Vita, ISPRO

17.40-18.00 DORALBA MORRONE “Storia della senologia fiorentina”
                         Diagnostica senologica, Già dirigente medico ISPRO

18.00-18.20 PAOLA MANTELLINI “I tre Sceening Oncologici”
                          SC Screening e Prevenzione Secondaria, ISPRO

18.20-19.00 Testimonianze di pazienti

19.00-20.00 Aperitivo nella sede della Mostra FERITE